sample devotional

Sample devotional from

Faith Builders from Around the World

Collected and Edited by Beverly Caruso

Forty of us were running across the United States, carrying a torch, representing the light of the gospel of Christ. Our goal was to run from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

One evening, with permission from the city manager, we pitched our tents in a city park. We awoke with a jolt to harsh profanity and threats.

Our co-leader, Tom Nunn, muttered a prayer and stepped from his tent. In a sleepy daze he looked for the intruders, but could find no one.

Suddenly from across the park, four huge figures appeared, running boldly toward Tom. One man stared down at him with wild eyes. Blood dripped from a deep gash above his eyebrow.

“Who gives you the right to camp in the middle of our park? Just who do you think you are?” he demanded with slurred speech.

“We’re running a torch across the country for Jesus,” Tom calmly explained.

Three of the men were visibly shaken. The bloody one was unimpressed.

“You bunch of Jesus freaks!” he screamed. “If it was my park, I wouldn’t let you near here.”

Tom kept a gentle attitude, his countenance soft as he silently prayed.

The man exploded with action, attacking Tom. The other three men stepped up, grabbing the man by the shoulder. “Leave him alone,” one shouted.

Tom watched with amazement as the four mammoth figures turned and walked away, then stopped a short distance away and came back. As they approached this time, a peaceful attitude was evident. The man of intimidation came close to Tom’s face. “I am really, really, sorry for what I did,” he whispered. “When you’re running with the torch, could you pray for me?”

Four engulfing hugs later, Tom promised to pray for each of the men.

Lord, keep working on the hearts of those who see the light of Your life in our lives. Take the words we’ve said and use them to draw others to You.

Eric Olsen

Excerpted from Faith Builders from Around the World, YWAM Publishing

© Beverly Caruso, senior editor

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