Training for Spiritual Leadership

The leader and his (or her) relationship with God, his family, his followers, his community, his ministry, and fellow leaders. Providing pastors and leaders with a biblical basis for church life and function, the role of pastor, and understanding of the biblical perspective of marriage and parenting.

Can include a syllabus with extensive notes so pastors can in turn teach their congregations.

In these Leadership Seminars Pete encourages group participation and small groups discussion. Seminars can be one evening plus two full days, or a series of morning or weeknight sessions, or adapted to your groups’ schedule.

  • The Leader’s Heart; Attitude, Authority, Example
  • The Leader’s Relationship with His/Her God; Calling-Commitment-Communion
  • The Leader and His/Her Family; Spouse, Children; Household – Hospitality
  • The Leader’s Roles; Strengths and Weaknesses – Establishing Priorities
  • The Leader and His/Her Staff; Servant Leadership
  • The Leader and His/Her Followers; Forming vs Informing
  • The Leader in His/her Community; Influencing through Involvement
  • The Leader and the Lost; Light and Salt in all of Life

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