Marriage / Parenting Seminars

Families are in Crisis – even in the church!

Abba Ministries offers Seminars in both

Marriage and Parenting

The Need

The influence of television, movies and music have resulted in the erosion of traditional familiy structure and society as a whole, leaving little foundation for young couples upon which to build strong godly homes.

As a result, there is often little difference between the homes of Christians and non-Christians. Couples and parents need training in the area of practical marriage and family living.

The Answer

A return to the principles found in God’s Word. He created marriage. He created the family. He knows what we need. We provide training in a non-threatening setting.

The Results

In Marriages: Whether newlyweds or celebrating their golden anniverary – couples have reported their relationships have been enriched and they’ve gained understanding of how to improve their lives. Although not designed as a last ditch answer, these seminars have impacted couples who were ready to file for divorce. Reports indicate many divorces have been cancelled and the marriages have become healthy. Engaged couples and any of marriagable age are welcome to attend.

In Families: Parents who had lost hope of gaining control of their children have joined with parents who felt they were ‘doing okay’ in their parental roles. They’ve reported gaining a clearer understanding of how to parent; how to guide their children toward discovering who they are; and how to lead their children to become all God intended for them to be.

Our Instructors

Marriage: Pete and Bev Caruso pastored two churches for a total of 35 years, established a Christian school and wrote a curriculum on godly character development. They are often sought out for counseling by fellow pastors and missionaries. They have over 30 years of experience team-teaching and refining seminars geared specifically for family life enrichment.

Parenting: Dean and Debbie Peterson have reared three children, all leading productive lives and raising families of their own. For over twenty years Dean was a construction superintendant in Southern California. Debbie home schooled their children through high school, then became a classroom teacher and leader of Children’s Ministries. She has been a featured speaker at parenting conferences and retreats. Debbie is the daughter of Pete and Bev.

Marriage and Family Seminars are great for:

  •      Couples’ Retreat
  •      Weekend Seminars
  •      Family Camps
  •      Churches
  •      Leadership Training

Seminars can be:

  •      An entire weekend
  •      Every evening for a week
  •      Once a seek for a series

They can be held:

  •      In your facility
  •      In a hotel
  •      At a retreat center
More about Marriage Enrichment Seminars:

During over 50 years of marriage, and while pastoring two churches for a total of 35 years, Pete and Bev Caruso have learned vital principles of leadership, of relationship, and of biblical marriage and family.

They have effectively shared these principles in over 45 countries. They have written many of these in their published books and articles.

(1 hour overview to 20 hours) Seminars can include:

  • Biblical Covenant versus Marriage Contract
  • God’s Authority Structure
  • Importance of Forgiveness
  • Differences by God’s Design
  • Keys to Good Communication
    •      Taking Time to Communicate
    •      What is Good Communication?
    •      Hindrances to Good Communication
    •      Levels of Communication
    •      Listening with Your Heart
    •      Importance of Understanding Feelings
  • Value of Affirmation
  • Goals for the Christian Family
  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts and How They Affect Home Life
  • How to Truly Love Your Wife and Meet Her Needs
  • What is Biblical Submission?
  • Love, Honor and O Boy!
  • Lovemaking, God’s Gift to Marriage
  • Purpose and Function of a Local Church and Its Leaders
  • Ministry Should Flow Out of One’s Family LIfe, Not Compete with It
  • Equipping the Saints for the work of the Ministry

More about Parenting Seminars:

These are practical interactive workshops lead the Debbie and Dean Peterson covering:

  • God’s Picture of Family
  • Whose Job is Parenting Anyway
  • Parenting Styles
  • Delegated Authority
  • Discipline
  • Training Girls to Become Godly Women
  • Training Boys to Become Godly Men
  • Making the Most of Each Child’s Uniqueness
  • Family Name and Identity
  • Far more…

To schedule a Marriage Enrichment or Parenting Seminars in your area:


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