Skills for Effective Living

Christ’s prayer in John 17 emphasizes the unity He expects and desires in His church. Nevertheless, the whole area of loving, honest relationships proves to be a difficult calling. Yet the call to unity remains. But how?

This is a key topic for family camps, leadership seminars, or church staff meetings. Areas covered include: the need for affirmation, breaking down barriers, the art of listening, saying what you mean, and the impact of body language (1 hour overview to 12 hours)

This Series can include:

  • Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts and that of Those You Love
  • Communication Skills
  • Accepting Others’ Differences
  • The Need for Affirmation
  • Prioritizing
  • The Need for and How-to of Confrontation
  • How To Disagree Without Fighting
  • Extended Family / In-Law Issues
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