Pete’s Teaching

Some have called Pete a Pastor of Pastors. After a total of 35 years as founding and senior pastor of two churches, Pete has a heart for those who shepherd the flocks in churches today. He’s always worked toward the goal of uniting pastors in order to reach their communities together. He knows the struggles of men trying to be husbands, fathers, providers, and godly men. He loves working with new believers, helping them discover the gifts God has planted in them. And he loves to see God honor His Word ‘with signs following.’

Pete’s messages are practical and filled with humor and compassion.

Some of His Topics

  • A New Beginning – on being one of God’s kids
  • Reigning Over Life’s Circumstances
  • Another Chance – lessons from Hezekiah
  • Getting Answers to Your Prayers
  • How to Love Those Who Oppose You
  • Becoming the Man God Intended You to Be
  • No Longer Afraid – conquering fear through God’s truth
  • Sword of the Spirit / Shield of Faith
  • Which One Claims You, Religion or Kingdom?
  • Affirmation, Key to Godly Development – in the family and beyond
  • Putting the Zing Back into Your Marriage
  • You Can do It! – the authority of the believer
  • Does God Have You Hedged In? – lessons from Job
  • Growing in Meekness – for a fulfilled and fruitful life
  • Come Bless the Lord – satisfying God’s heart through praise and worship
  • Reconciliation – God’s intent for mankind
  • Eleven Proven Ways to Get Along with Others – as part of the Body of Christ
  • Breaking Strongholds
  • Understanding Satan’s Strategy – and how to be effective against it
  • Fitly Joined Together


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