Keeping It Fresh – A Love that Keeps on Growing

Keeping It Fresh

This book on marriage is based on the Marriage Enrichment Seminars the Carusos have taught in many U.S. States and foreign countries.

God has given the Carusos a unique ability to share principles from His Word in a practical way so that others can work toward strengthening and improving their marriages.

Check out these excerpts:

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The Chapters in Keeping It Fresh – A Love that Keeps on Growing:

1  Is Marriage Obsolete?

2  Just a Contract – Or Is There More to It?

3  Where Is This Family Headed?

4  God’s Marriage Analogy

5  A Leader She’ll Want to Follow

6  What’s In it for Me?

7  We’re Each on a Cycle – But Which One?

8  Love Him Like a Friend

9  What’s the Big Deal About Authority?

10  Differences by God’s Design

11  Intentional Communication, Key to Marital Harmony

12  The Couple That Prays Together Stays Together

13  Getting Past the Past Through Forgiveness

14  Meeting Your Wife’s Needs

15  God and Finances

16  Lovemaking, God’s Gift to Marriage

17  Out to Destroy Our Marriages

18  Deciding Whom to Marry

19  Expect Your Love to Keep on Growing

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